Didn’t Read While Hard At Work – DR. WHAW?

July 27, 2009 at 10:23 PM 44 comments

So, here it is.  My first steps into the world of blogging.  I’m excited and eager to learn it all, but I beg for your patience as I stumble through these first few posts.  You will learn I’m quite klutzy, which doesn’t exclude my technological forays. : )

While I have some more meaty posts stewing among all the other thoughts in my head, for now I want to start what will become a nightly feature: “DR. WHAW” (Didn’t Read While Hard At Work). I find that most days pass much too quickly.  As I’ve become more serious about building a personal brand on Twitter, my Word document filled with blog posts and articles to read grows exponentially while I’m at work (as I’ve typed these first paragraphs, I’ve missed 28 Tweets alone).

It’s become almost a part-time job to try to keep up with all the incredible insight and discussion going on! So!  For my own sanity – and hopefully you’re reading pleasure – I have decided to pare my nightly reading down to seven highlighted posts or articles each day that I “DR. WHAW.”  At the end of each week, I will choose my top seven from the week, a Sunday digest if you will.

DR. WHAW? – July 27, 2009

1. Anchors in an Unmoored World by Howard Kurtz — This is a brilliant piece about how we, the public, view journalism after Cronkite, Jennings and Russert. It was particularly interested me because of the recent studies I did relating to the evolution of media. A telling quote: “When we are drowning in information, those who deliver the bits and bites become less important.”

2. Deloitte network melds expertise, social affinities by Lindsay Allen — I know this one caught my eye in part due to a conversation I had with a friend who is interning for an ad agency that wants to create an internal social network, but this article delves into the benefits of such a network for a large company like Deloitte. I liked it because it made me think: who else would benefit? Who wouldn’t? Why?

3. Twittering Away Time and Money by Pat LaPointe — I have seen plenty of arguments for effective social media measurement and plenty for “having a plan,” but never have I seen them so seemlessly tied together. It provies a succinct and useful explanation of why you need goals in order to make measurement work for you (complete with four handy steps to create SM plans).

4. Full Disclosure: Sponsored Conversations on Twitter by Brian Solis — When the FTC announced recommendations regarding advertising and public relations in social media, the Twitterverse and blogosphere were instantly bursting with questions and speculations as to how this will affect “us.” This is most comprehensive and thoughtful discussion I have seen; any blogger or Tweeter should read this.

5. Listening, for a Change by Valeria Maltoni — In the past week, there has been some discussion (and bashing) of companies seeking so-called “listening managers” and other such positions. This post offers a well-reasoned argument for listening and a great forum through which discussion has centered on whether the job title is necessary. Read up and put in your two cents, it’s a growing issue!

6. Is This The Type of Advertising that Twitter Wants? posted on DrivingSales.com — As Twitter’s popularity grows, marketers and advertisers are coming up with thousands of ways to use the social media phenomenon to their advantage. This post offers an insightful analysis and case study of the first full-blown advertising campaign created for and launched on Twitter.

7. Do Damagend Brands Have More Opportunities in Social Media? by Dave Fleet — In this post, Dave Fleet makes the argument that those brands which are already damaged have relatively more to gain through social media than brands already in “good standing.” He makes a solid case, and I love his point that it’s during the roughest times that companies truly differentiate themselves. What do you think? What else can already “good” brands gain?

I’m new at this, so be patient, but please give me tips! They’re more than welcome. Happy Monday, y’all!

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DR. WHAW? – July 28, 2009

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