DR. WHAW? – July 29, 2009

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Have you heard that Tuesday is the busiest day on Twitter?  That may be true, but there were no fewer thought-provoking and entertaining reads from which to choose today.  I swear, each day my Didn’t Read While Hard At Work list only grows longer.  Before I reveal my list for today (I know, you’re just dying with anticipation), I wanted to announce that I will be taking votes for the best picks of the week via e-mail or Twitter (just send me an @ or direct message).

DR. WHAW? – July 29, 2009

1. Are PR Pros Entitled to an Opinion? by Lauren Fernandez — This post makes the top of my list not only because it showed up on my Twitter feed throughout the day, but also because it brings up a fresh discussion about PR in the new media world.  Lauren Fernandez explores at what times it is appropriate (and not) to have an opinion as a PR practitioner.  The post generated plenty of discussion in the comments as well as on Twitter, and it only goes to show we’re still evolving with technology.  Similarly, Beth Harte discussed a lack of self-promotion this weekend and asked whether the trend could be hurting the industry.  It’s always interesting to participate in the discussion as the industry adapts, grows and evolves.

2. When Social Media Becomes A Weapon by Lisa Barone — We’ve all heard of Dave Carroll and his viral attack on United Air.  It’s become well-known that social media can be a great way for the little guy (the consumer) to have his voice heard by beheamoth companies and industries.  While for some this means a great opportunity to finally have a meaningful discussion, to others it can simply be an easy launching pad for a vicious attack.  Lisa Barone makes the (perhaps unpopular) point that just because we have a new megaphone through which to hold companies accountable, doesn’t mean we should use it.  This is bound to get you thinking!

3. Why You Need an Online Home Base  – and How to Get One by Kelly Crane — Yes, I know everyone says you need to have an online presence, but I promise this post is different and worth your time.  Kelly Crane offers the first example (that I’ve seen) that goes behind the traditional message: you should have an online brand.  This post explains that not only should you be online, but everything you do online should circle (or link) back to one place, and that place is your online home base.  Read up to find out how to establish your own home base.  And if you need more reasons to create an online presence, I recommend reading what Dan Schawbel has to say.  If you’re looking for a more personal endorsement, here it is: I’ve never gotten a job through any means other than networking and all my current leads stem from online interactions.  : )

4. Public Relations Measurement 2010: Five Things to Forget & Five Things to Learn by Don Bartholomew — If you have any interest in public relations or PR measurement, you absolutely must read this!  This ties to #1, but I believe this post has far more hard answers for the industry (as opposed to philosophical).  Don Bartholomew offers the best, most comprehensive explanation of where the industry is headed in the next year. I could go on about this post, but this one can truly speak for itself.  Just read it!

5. The case for not instant by Christopher S. Penn — As new gadgets, applications and technologies sprout up daily, it’s hard to find much in the news that doesn’t relate to how we can move fasterChristopher S. Penn argues that what we really need in today’s world is “ever present mindfulness.”  Read this brilliant argument as to why we all could use some time to slow it down and take our time.  It’s always good to view your world from a new perspective like this, and who knows?  Thinking in a different way may help you exceed even your own expectations.

6. Study: Online and Offline Behavior Meshing by Gavin O’Malley — Guess what?  Internet use isn’t getting any higher.  It’s static.  What is changing (as you may have guessed) is how we’re using the Internet.  This is a very interesting look into how our online and offline lives are becoming more and more intertwined.  Mark Schaefer wrote today about how social media influence in the work place is probably relatively small.  Both of these offer a different look at our on and offline lives, and the latter proposes some valuable questions to further this fascinating discussion.

7. How Gen-Y Startups Use Social Media to Shatter the Status Quo by Greg Rollett — OK, I’ll admit it: I liked this one in part because I’m a Gen-Y gal, and I think my generation is exciting and just plain amazing (humble, too, no doubt).  But even if you hate us, I think you will find some value in this post.  There are some pretty incredible success stories in here, and there may even be inspiration as to how you can use social media to pursue your own goals.  As a generation that has grown up alongside these technologies, I think we are in a unique position to understand their value and to apply them in new ways.  In some respects, we just don’t know how business “is supposed to be done,” and so we forge our own paths (for better or worse).  Rock on, Gen-Y!

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