DR. WHAW? – July 30, 2009

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Today was just one of those days for me!  It was a hectic morning and a long, busy day.  I’m starting this one late, but I’ve pushed through the headaches and stress to bring you some great pieces I wish I could have spent my day reading.  Have you ever thought about what you Didn’t Read While Hard At Work (but wanted to)?

Disclaimer: I was in a very measurement-y mood tonight. : )

DR. WHAW? – July 30, 2009

1. Stop Paying Lip Service to Research: It’s Time PR People Got Serious About Measurement and Evaluation by David Kistle — This is a must-read, and it had to be first on my list!  Katie Paine, among others, has been a staunch advocate for measurement in public relations, and I am happy to see it catching on!  Even though it seems to be a big movement within PR, I think that every industry could take a lesson from this.  Measurement matters!  Have goals.  Know where you want to go, and then measure!  Did you get where you wanted to go?  We could all use a little more measurement in our lives.

2. New Study Shows How Different Generations Use Facebook by Jessica Lee — At first glance this may seem like a silly choice, I promise it’s worth your while.  Don’t roll your eyes!  Perhaps  I read too much into things, but I see great value in this post, more specifically, in the data.  There are some expected findings about who is using Facebook and for what purpose, but while reading this I found myself looking for what was missing.  Do these findings suprise you?  Why do different generations use Facebook the way they do?  How does this compare to other social networking sites?  Other social media?  I find the most value in this post in the questions it left behind.

3. Pay more to be fat? by Liza Peiffer — This post reports rumors of a possible “fatty foods tax.”  If you tax fatty foods, people are more likely to buy healthier foods.  Make sense?  Liza Peiffer points out why this tax wouldn’t be fixing the problem.  I love this post mostly for its last line: “Although ignoring these ads will help it won’t solve our problem.  Until they learn to make lifestyle changes, the fat is here to stay.” Again, perhaps I’m reading into this (what is up with me today?), but I think this is a valuable point to consider when dealing with any campaign, product, service, you name it!  Are we addressing the problem?  Really?  Plus, a “fatty food tax”?  Really?!

4. 20 Predictions of the Future (We’re Still Waiting For) from Manolith — This post was (if nothing else) entertaining!  And boy, today was a day I needed entertainment!  But seriously, I think this post can offer some good insight into our past.  I enjoyed this read because I wondered where these predictions came from.  Were they based on data?  Were they completely unfounded?  Thinking about all of the speculation in today’s world about the economy, the environment and everything else under the sun (pun intended!), how many of our predictions will make this list in 50 years?  In 100 years?  Even though it wasn’t trying, this post should give you a reason to rethink your predictions and assumptions.

5. Top 10 Social Media Gaffes by Ki Mae Heussner — If you are involved in social media in any way (you must be if you’ve found DR. WHAW?), then you should read these cautionary tales.  There are millions of ways to find opportunity with social media, but there are also millions of ways to get yourself into trouble.  This article is a good summary of unfortunate situations which could (and should) have been avoided.  Be careful, be wise.   For better or worse, there is always someone to connect with online.

6. TechCrunch vs. Mashable – 10 Tips For Evaluating Your Competitors by Ross Kimbarovsky — I guess I’m just in a measurement and evaluation mood tonight!  This post struck me not only for its subject, but for its depth and wisdom.  Ross Kimbarovsky offers some incredible, easy-to-understand analytical steps to evaluate competitors.  As I went along with this post, I found myself asking questions which were immediately answered.  For that reason, I loved this post!

7. Series Examining Social Media Measurement from Mark Schaefer’s blog — I chose to bookmark the last in this series because it was posted today and because it includes links to the other posts in the series.  As I’ve mentioned possibly too many times, measurement is HUGE right now!  Particularly for PR.  And especially in relation to social media because we’re still working out all the kinks.  This series is just plain brilliant.  While I cannot assume it smoothes all the wrinkles, I think there are some tremendous steps forward and some fantastic insights to be found.

Please leave comments or questions, and remember to send votes for your favorites to be included in the Sunday digest to my e-mail or Twitter.  Happy almost-Friday, y’all!


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