DR. WHAW? – July 31, 2009

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Happy Friday, y’all!  What are your weekend plans?  If you have some time, stop by to see more of my picks from this week, and send votes for your favorites to be in the Sunday digest (send your picks to my e-mail or Twitter).  Let’s get to what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!

DR. WHAW? – July 31, 2009

1. Proof: Headlines Are Crucial by Roger Dooley — Think you shouldn’t focus on your headline?  Don’t need to waste time agonizing over a few words that don’t matter?  Think again!  Roger Dooley discusses a study by OTOInsights which shows pretty convincingly that (at least on Digg) headlines are the most crucial to whether a story is read.  I found this article really interesting in part because of my science background (I was a biochemistry major for most of my college career), but also because it’s a cool example of what cross-disciplinary research can teach us!  I hope to see more such research from this group in the future.  My only wish is that there was more understanding as to why headlines are so crucial to us.

2. How a Little “Friction” Can Change a Competitive Landscape from Knowledge@Wharton — This post is more academic in nature, but it gives some cool theories into competitive strategy.  Being someone who doesn’t totally understand “the business side” of the industry, I found this explanation made more sense than I would have expected.  Adding friction to a competition is better than having none at all.  Make sense?  No?  Then read it!  I promise you’ll understand and be better for it.

3. Top 50 PR Professionals You Should Be Following On Twitter by Genesis Davies — I love PR, and I love Twitter.  This post gives a great list of the best of the best to follow on the micro-blogging site.  If you’re new and interested in PR, I would highly recommend checking out these Twitter feeds.  No need to follow them all, but find the ones most relevant to your own personal and career goals.  Find the ones in your city or your area of expertise.  Seriously, though, this  is one resource you cannot let pass you by!

4. “With” vs. “For” by Sydney Owen — This is a brilliant and insightful post from a young, but rising PR star, Sydney Owen.  We probably don’t spend much time considering which words to use in casual conversation, but Sydney makes the case that it is more important than you think.  The words we choose reflect the perception and attitude we have.  She make a great case for “with” instead of “for.”  Please read it, you’ll be inspired!

5. Social Media Hypocrites: How genuine is this platform? by Lauren Fernandez — I enjoyed this post quite a bit.  It asked questions, and it really got me thinking.  Lauren Fernandez discusses whether social media provides professionals with just enough wiggle room to allow hypocrisy.  Is it easy to tell each person something different to establish a connection?  After reading this, my initial reaction was that hypocrisy may be easy, but I would guess it’s also quite easy to catch.  If I tell you one thing, and someone else in the same industry another, isn’t there a good chance y’all will figure it out?  So, of course, there may be hypocrites among us, but they’ll be outed.  Or will they?  What do you think?

6. Measuring Business Results Will Get You Noticed by Johna Burke — This is why measurement is necessary.  This post sums it up perfectly! Read this to better understand my passion for measurement!  Johna Burke argues that without measurement, you have no way to show your boss how valuable you are to what matters most to your company: its bottom line.  You need to be able to arm yourself with numbers to show your worth and prove that you’re a necessary part of the team and business.  This is something that is exceptionally crucial during economic downturns (HINT!).

7. Twitter Hasn’t Jumped the Shark (and probably never will) by JD Rucker — I liked this post in part because it’s validation for me.  The next time someone teases me for being obsessed with Twitter, I can show them this.  JD Rucker offers an explanation as to why Twitter really isn’t going anywhere.  This post is clear and concise and worth a read, even if you’re not Twitter-obsessed (yet).  It’s about the conversation, so join it!

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