DR. WHAW? – August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009 at 11:46 PM 1 comment

If you’re an avid-social media user (or even if you’re not), you probably heard about the great Twitter outage of 2009.  For about two hours this morning, our beloved Twitter was under attack.  In spite of this vicious attack, I had some tough calls to make tonight.  I didn’t choose any articles about the outage, but check out Mashable or their Twitter feed to find out more!  On this tumultuous Thruday, find out what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work!

DR. WHAW? – August 6, 2009

1. Cool Twitter Conferences makes stop in Chicago, offers up tips galore by Craig Kanalley — Wednesday at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, all anyone could talk about was Twitter.  There was a lot of great conversation and many tips offered up, and this post by Craig Kanalley gives a sampling of the best of the best!  Also, to find out more check out @ckanal (Craig’s Twitter) or search for the #ctc hashtag.  There’s a lot of great content!

2. Rupert Murdoch to charge to view News Corp’s online news by James Quinn — Would you pay to get your news online?  Rupert Murdoch thinks so!  Mr. Murdoch asserted that within the next fiscal year (ending June 2010), we should expect to pay for newspaper and television Web site content.  This caused quite the stir, and it makes me wonder: is he onto something?  The man is no idiot, so he must have reasons, right?  Do you think this will work?  If nothing else, this is something we must all be aware of, so take the time to read it!

3. Everything I Know I Learned from Baseball by Phil Gerbyshak — I love this post from Phil Gerbyshak and not just because I love baseball.  There is a great reminder here that we should all apply lessons learned in one area (or sport) to all facets of our lives.  After reading this, I challenged myself to think about what sports have taught me and how I apply those lessons every day.  I challenge you to do the same.  Along the same lines, I liked Ryan Stephens’ post about ways to use social media in sports.  He listed 25 ways in which SM can apply to sports, can you think of 25 ways that SM can be applied to your industry?

4. These views are my own… by David Spinks — This opinion belongs to David Spinks and not his employer.  I like this post because it asks us to question whether the separation between employer and employee opinions makes sense today.  The argument here is that the employer should encourage and support employee views, and that all of this should be representative of the company’s brand.  There are some great points and amazing comments here, I recommend this if you’re at all interested in branding.

5. Advertising’s revenge of the nerds by Suzanne Kapner — As a measurement maven wannabe, this post made me giddy!  Move over, creative-types!  Those of us armed with numbers are demanding (and receiving) an equal seat at the proverbial table and with good reason.  This is a great piece highlighting how the advertising world is changing and adapting as measurement becomes more popular.

6. Paranoia vs. Social Media by Olivier Blanchard — Yesterday I highlighted a post which revealed ESPN’s social media policy after they were accused of prohibiting employees to Tweet as they please.  I commended ESPN for its transparency, but I think I missed the greater issue.  In this post, Olivier Blanchard discusses at great length the social media policies of three companies: two who got it wrong (ESPN and USMC) and one who got it right (IBM).  While it is a long post, I promise you it is worth the time you will spend reading it.  There are brilliant insights and analysis here, absolutely brilliant!  As more companies begin to adopt SM policies, it’s important to understand best practices and this is a great step toward that understanding.

7. Is Social Media a Strategy or Tactic? by Shannon Paul — If you studied public relations in college, you were probably taught time and again about the difference between strategies and tactics.  I know I was (and believe me, I’m thankful)!  In this post, Shannon Paul explores whether social media itself is the strategy or a tactic.  She begins by defining the intent of social media, and she generated lots of great discussion which in and of itself is worth the click!

Thank goodness it’s almost Friday, eh?  What are your plans for the weekend?  Please leave comments or questions, particularly recommending new and different sources for my DR. WHAW? picks!  And remember to send votes for your favorite picks for the Sunday digest to my e-mail or Twitter.


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