DR. WHAW? – August 10, 2009

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Another week has begun!  What’s on your plate this week?  Any exciting new plans?  I’m glad to say that my first three months at my internship are almost over, and I will be meeting with my boss this week to talk about my time thus far!  I’ve loved the work so far and can only hope the next three months will give me just as many learning experiences!

As an intern, I don’t have the luxury of taking frequent breaks to read blog posts and articles online, but I try to collect them all to read after work.  So here it is, another week and another collection of what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work on this marvelous Monday!

DR. WHAW? – August 10, 2009

1. Should you be paid to participate in social media? by Peter Kim — This is a great post in which Peter Kim explores whether employees should be paid for their participation on social media.  And he isn’t talking about salaried employees, but those who are paid by the hour.  Should they be paid to be a part of the company’s online presence?  This is an emerging issue as companies continue to learn how to adapt to the changing Internet landscape.  What are your thoughts here?  Who should get paid to use SM?  Should we all?  Why or why not?

2. Facebook Acquires FriendFeed by Jason Kincaid — If you were on Twitter at all today, you already know the BIG NEWS: Facebook acquired FriendFeed.  What does this mean for you?  What does it mean for your business?  Read this article about the deal and the first interview since the acquisition.  This is an important read if you’re a Facebook or FriendFeed user as it discusses features and services.  What do you think of this?  Will it have as big an impact as everyone seems to think?

3. Building business 140 characters at a time by Jason Spencer — I really love this article because it very clearly explains why Twitter can be a great tool for small business.  Niche markets can use Twitter to their advantage because the site allows for small communities to form and engage.  What other tools allow for finding and interacting with niche customers on such a personal level?

4. How Do You Measure Success? by Ryan Stephens — This is a great post from Ryan Stephens about how we measure success in relation to our careers.  I love this post because it really made me pause and reevaluate how I measure my own success.  Why do I measure it the way I do?  His best advice: do what you would do if you never had to work again.

5. Ignoring Social Media Makes You Mute, Not Invisible by Lisa Barone — In light of recent posts about being provocative in social media, Lisa Barone explains most of the argument stemmed from fear.  Companies are afraid of being attacked through social media, and while it is hard to blame them, this post argues that companies need to realize the benefits far outweigh the cost of social media.  Disasters are not caused by SM, and SM can actually be used as a tool to survive.  Read this, it’s a must-read!

6. SHORTURL SAVIOR: Bit.ly Swoops in to Save Tr.im by Pete Cashmore — While the Facebook/FriendFeed acquisition was by far the most popular story of the afternoon, concern about the downfall of Tr.im URL shortener dominated morning news.  There was tremendous concern about the future of URL shorteners in general, but after Bit.ly moved to save Tr.im, the fears seemed to all but disappear.  Confused?  Read this post!

7. Narrate Your Work by Dave Winer — I love this post!  Dave Winer presents a new way to approach your work.  Narrate!  Yes, it is just as it sounds, but it’s more helpful than you may first believe.  If you clearly articulate your progress through a project, for example, it allows for a team to be on the same exact page.  As you complete each task or piece of a larger project, it allows for others to make sure their work will be complete at the same time.  If there are delays, it allows everyone to understand why.  Need more convincing?  Then read!

What did I miss today? Tell me!  Leave comments or questions, and remember to send votes for the Sunday digest to my e-mail or Twitter!  And I’m off to pack up my apartment for my big move this weekend, wish me luck!


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