DR. WHAW? – August 17, 2009

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It’s that time of the week again!  Happy Monday, folks, how was your weekend?  I had quite a hectic start to my work week as I’m sure many of you did.  So without further ado, take a look at what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work on a manic Monday!

DR. WHAW? – August 17, 2009

1. An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World by Alex Cheng and Mark Evans — Do you use Twitter?  Have you thought about it?  This is a valuable resource which provides just about every statistic and factoid about Twitter you could ever imagine.  There are some great insights here, and I challenge you to read through and find your answer to this question: so what?  California and New York have the most Twitter users of any state, what does that mean to you as a marketer, a student, a job seeker?  There is great value here!

2. Brands must adapt to “new normal” from WARC — While this article is referring to retailers and how they need to adapt to consumer’s changing habits, I think that we can all learn a lesson or two here.  The economy and the boom of social media has changed a lot of industries for good, and they all need to adapt (and fast).  Wal-Mart is one store that is actually doing well despite the downturn, in part because they have what consumers want and they fit the new spending pattern.  How has the economy changed your industry?  Has your business adapted?  It should!

3. Why You Need PR by Bill Prickett — As an intern for a large PR firm, I know that every company needs public relations.  Whether or not your company or industry calls it that, you need PR and you benefit from it.  This gives a good, comprehensive list of reasons why we all need PR and how it helps.  My addition to this post is to ask all PR professionals out there if they’re showing it.  Can you demonstrate to your employer that you’re worth it?  Do you show everyday that you’re adding value?

4. Observations from a Student Leadership Summit by Elizabeth Haas Edersheim — Last week a Student Leadership Summit was held at the University of Pittsburgh.  This post offers a great list of some key observations from that summit, and it’s important for all of us to read.  For those of you that are part of Gen-Y, read this and consider whether it rings true for you as well.  Think about how your view leadership and how it will affect you moving forward.  For all you older generations out there, what do you think?  How is this different from how you think?  How will this affect Gen-Y in the workplace?

5. Can You Be A Cubicle Entrepreneur? by Matt Cheuvront — I love this post!  Matt Cheuvront is a big leader among the Gen-Y crowd, and he gives some great tips here about being an entrepreneur without actually being an entrepreneur.  If you have the drive and the idea, go for it!  But if you just have the spirit, read here to learn how to use it to get far in your chosen profession.  Make your boss come to you for advice on your first day.  Be truly valuable.  Be a cubicle entrepreneur.

6. Adverts fail to engage majority of social networkers by Emma Barnett — Did you hear last week that 83 of the top 100 advertisertising spenders use Facebook?  Well, this article tells us that 96 percent of social network users have never clicked on an advertisement found there.  Uh oh!  There’s a discrepancy for ya!  Facebook has made a big deal of including advertisers in their site, so how will this affect Facebook?  How will this affect advertisers?  Will anyone actually care?

7. 5 Under-The-Radar Marketing Bloggers You Should Read from OnlineMarketingBlog.com — Gotta love seein’ the little guy get some recognition!  While it’s always good to follow the most-read, top dogs of any industry, it’s never a bad idea to see who else is talking.  This is truly a great list of the not-so-well-known-but-brilliant set of marketing bloggers out there.  I personally follow them all on Twitter because I found their blogs or Twitter accounts through the so-called top dogs.  That, to me, makes them worth reading in and of itself.  If the big guys are listening, shouldn’t you be?

What did you read today?  Tell me your favorite post from Monday and why I should read it!  Who knows?  It may end up in DR. WHAW? tomorrow.  As always, leave comments or questions, and remember to send votes for the Sunday digest to my e-mail or Twitter.


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