DR. WHAW? – August 21, 2009

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Happy weekend, y’all!  It’s been one of those days for me, but this in a good way!  It was a thrilling way to end my week, and I’m excited to get to relaxin’ so here’s what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!

DR. WHAW? – August 21, 2009

1. The Dark Side of Usability: When Business Goals & User Goals Collide by Lance Loveday — It’s important to understand what can happen when you lead customers to your Web site (or blog or Twitter page) without following through on promises, you will lost trust.  This post gives a great example of what this might look like, and it gives you tips on how to make sure you avoid this.  Be sure that you follow through on promises to ensure that you keep your loyal consumers and possibly gain new ones!

2. How To Become A Master Of Conversations by Nick O’Neill — Have you ever wanted to know how to get more involved with conversations online?  Do you want more engaged conversation with your blog readers or fans of your Facebook page?  This is a great one-stop post to read if you want to learn how to encourage more engaged conversation on your social media networks.

3. Twitter to roll out commercial accounts  this year by Kim-Mai Cutler and Matt Marshall — Did you hear the big news today?  Twitter will launch commercial accounts later this year.  The company will begin to charge users for services like advance analytics and official recognition.  What services will you be willing to pay for?  How would you use a commercial account as opposed to a regular one?

4. GM Appointment Shows No Respect for Marketing by Al Ries — GM appointed Bob Lutz as the new head of advertising and marketing.  His responsibilities will include brands, marketing, advertising and communications.  As  a man who has no experience in marketing, this is a complete slap in the face to the industry.  The conclusion of this article is that the industry has indeed sunk so low that this is allowed for a company in dire need of good marketing.  My question is this: how do we make our way out?  How do we prove that marketing is worthwhile?

5. Measuring Consumer Engagement from Engage This! — This post asks how to get to a point where measuring consumer engagement is possible.  Many companies are not quite ready to effectively measure engagement, but it is possible.  Before it can be measured, though, marketers must understand what the consumer spheres are like and how their brand fare at various levels of customer groups.  It is important to understand a lot about more about social media use by your users before you can fully measure engagement.  This is a worthwhile read because this is definitely something that will need to be measured in the coming years.

6. The Social Media Rules Are A-Changin’ by Ronn Torossian — Ronn Torossian argues that in the current social media environment, it is impossible for CEOs to fully engage their customers.  Mr. Torossian argues that he has a hard time interacting with all of his employees, let alone any consumer who has a question or comment.  If we expect CEOs to become more involved, we have to let the rules of social media change.  It is unreasonable to expect CEOs to follow rules laid out by users.  What do you think?  Do you agree with this?  Read the comments, too, because there’s plenty of good discussion there as well.

7. The big lure of social media: Its users by Diego Vasquez — What’s all the fuss about social media?  The users, of course!  And do you wonder why?  It’s because we’re young and affluent and active consumers, according to this post.  This is a great run down of some of the characteristics of social media users that are relevant to corporations, and it explains how these characteristics can be used to help companies.  Does this sound like you?  Is this post missing a key take-away?

And that’s all for me for the week, folks!  I’m excited for some relaxation and decompression this weekend.  What are your weekend plans?


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