DR. WHAW? – August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009 at 8:07 PM 1 comment

Well, now I’m on a roll!  I posted yesterday’s DR. WHAW? very late, but now I’m in a groove.  So I’m gonna keep it going’ with what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!

DR. WHAW? – August 27, 2009

1. Being Helpful is the New Black by Valeria Maltoni — As social media is evolving, Valeria Maltoni has decided that it’s time for a little less conversation.  Action is demanded more these days as we better understand the conversation.  She has decided to take a new approach to her work and adopt a new brand.  What do you think?  Is this a good idea?  Does this make sense to you or do you think it’s a bad move?  Regardless, I think it’s a bold move, and I think she’s got it right!

2. A Few Good Things to Come Out of the Recession by Freddie Laker — This economy sucks, huh?  We’re all feelin’ it.  But Freddie Laker argues that there are five trends that have been accelerating and will actually be a good thing.  Can you guess which one is my favorite?  Meaningful metrics are emerging and becoming mainstream, which is amazing!  It’s about time.  I recommend this, but do take it with a grain of salt.  Check out the comments, too, and understand that these trends are emerging, but maybe not for everyone.

3. Ten Basic Steps To an Easy AND Effective Crisis Plan by Beth Harte — Even though it may seem like you need to have a huge binder dedicated to your crisis plan, Beth Harte offers ten simple steps toward building a great crisis plan that won’t take over your life.  I really liked this post because it doesn’t require that you focus upon Web 2.0 for this to be relevant to you (which I’m finding to be rare these days).  Do you really need more convincing to read this post?

4. How to Create a Share of Voice Report by Jason Baer — I’m sharing this with you because I think it’s worthwhile for all professionals to understand measurement and how to show your value through numbers.  A share of voice report can be an important tool for all public relations and marketing professionals, and this is a great starting point.  It teaches you the basics and need-to-knows without bombarding you with unnecessary jargon.

5. Tribune Co. Offers Localized Network of 70+ Blogs to Advertisers from Marketing Vox — Earlier this month the Tribune Co. made some great financial strides and made us all believe there was hope yet.  With the creation of a blogger network throughout the city of Chicago, I think the Tribune is well on its way back into our hearts.  This shows that there can be hope for newspapers yet, but only if they innovate and find a way to carve out a new niche.

6. The Leaders that are Helping Social Media Grow Up by Ken Burbary — If it feels like social media needs to grow up sometimes, it’s because it does.  Ken Burbary offers some great thought into how social media is beginning to grow, but still needs some key guidance.  Most importantly he insists that bring financial and business value to social media in order for companies to run with it.  Exactly!  There is no one person who can do this, but it’s a charge we must all take on.  Can you help?

7. Getting to Know the Mobile Population from eMarketer — This article provides a great run down of some key demographics that make up the mobile population.  Why do you care?  Nearly 100 percent of the U.S. will go mobile by 2013.  That’s HUGE.  What that means for you and your business is up to you to decide, but whether or not you’re ready, you need to start thinking mobile.  How can your product be used on or connect with a mobile platform?  We’re all going to be toting a cell phone sooner or later, so you should definitely start doing your research on us now.  This is a brilliant place to start.

Happy almost-Friday, y’all!  I hope your week has been fabulous thus far, and I can’t to hear about your weekend plans!


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  • 1. Jason Baer  |  August 27, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    Many thanks for including me on this list. I loved Beth and Ken’s posts, and am reading the others now.

    I appreciate sharing a post with them.



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