DR. WHAW? – August 28, 2009

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Another move this weekend, though for once I’m not the one moving!  My little sister is leaving for college soon, and she’ll be the last little girl to leave the nest.  It’s an exciting time for our family, and we’re all learning how to navigate these waters.  In the meantime, I’m happy to bring you what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work on Friday!

DR. WHAW? – August 28, 2009

1. Social Media’s Top 10 Dirty Little Secrets by David Armano — This is a refreshing post that shows that social media is not all fun and games.  Social media isn’t perfect even though we often make it seem that way.  There are some downsides, too, like most SM is just plain bad marketing or public relations.  The increasingly fast development of technology can be detrimental and burnout does happen.  These are some good things to realize and accept before you commit yourself to a huge SM undertaking.

2. Social Media is from Mars, Enterprise 2.0 is from Venus by Gia Lyons — This is a cool analysis of the disconnect between social media and enterprise in the Web 2.0 space.  It is clear that a large part of the disconnect is because there is a language barrier that needs to rectified.  No matter what it is difficult for each to understand the other, but as social media evolves, it becomes harder and harder for these two groups to speak to each other easily.  This is something that I have not heard much about, but it is a problem that must be rectified.

3. Remember the Tortoise not the Hare by Jennifer Leggio — We all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.  And we all remember the moral of that story?  Good!  Now apply it to social media.  Jennifer Leggio reminds us all to not be in such a rush to be the first, but instead we should all focus on producing the best content.  While it can seem  like a race, it’s important to remember your goals and keep those in mind.

4. Mobile is glue for all we do by Dan Butcher — An ESPN executive stressed that mobile is a key component of their network’s overall portfolio.   This surprised me at first considering all of the media channels that the sports giant uses, but it does make sense.  It has been said that nearly 100 percent of all U.S. citizens will use a cell phone by the year 2013, and it seems smart to invest in this media channel now.  This is a very interesting read because it shows you how ESPN is integrating their mobile launches and programs with the rest of their network.   How should your business or industry be using mobile?

5. Social Media Metrics: What We Need to Track Sales by Samir Balwani — With all of the talk about measuring social media and its effects, we have often lost track of what really matters: sales.  How has social media effected your sales?  Isn’t that the most important question?  Samir Balwani gives some great thoughts as to how social media can effect your sales and how to figure out which actions are, in fact, increasing your numbers.

6. Driven to Tweet, But Why? by Kathy Bloomgarden — I think it’s becoming more and more clear to all of us that some people are just driven to Tweet.  This article explains why that might be.  Why am I more driven to Tweet than most of my friends?  Why are more of my coworkers driven to Tweet but few of our supervisors are?  This is a great read because it explores the psychology behind one of the fastest growing social media sites: Twitter.  And it also helps us to better understand the minds of those we may be seeking to influence.

7. You Self-Serving Pig by Mitch Joel — This article explores the paradox surrounding the development of social media channels like Twitter and blogs.  It often seems to be all about me.  You Tweet about what’s important to you, you blog your own thoughts and we can all be very self-serving.  Mitch Joel wonders how we can build personal brands when all we really want is to find content that is valuable but not self-promotional.  It’s an interesting question that has generated some great conversation.  What do you think?  I’m inclined to believe that your personal brand can be built by provide consistently valuable content.

Here’s hoping you all had a great weekend and spent some time relaxing! I’m so excited with all the changes happening my life, my friend’s lives and my family’s lives, but boy!  I’m excited to be settled down, too!


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