“There are good days, and they come and go, but they never seem to last…”

September 7, 2009 at 12:33 PM 1 comment

I know.  I have been completely disconnected this past week, and I want to sincerely apologize to my readers and followers for falling off the grid.  I learned valuable lessons this week, though, and I know I will grow.

One of my favorite musical artists is Bob Schneider.  As I listened to his song “The Way Life is Supposed To Be” this morning I found more meaning in it than usual.  This lyric in particular jumped out at me:

There are good days and they come and go,
But they never seem to last,
Cause when the bad days they come around,
They always kick the good days’ ass right into the ground.

I often let bad days and bad luck get the better of me when I should fight back and do the best I can.

Last Monday was one of those good days.  I had an interview with a company with which I would be thrilled to work, and I had a Skype date with my boyfriend who is studying in Australia for six months.  I had been taking on more responsibilities at my internship, and I was feeling great about the quality of my work.

Monday evening, though, turned my day (and my week) completely upside down.  I suddenly found myself without a place to stay until this weekend, and I didn’t know what to do.  Thankfully I have probably the best parents in the world, and my father immediately drove down from Milwaukee to rescue me.

Once I made it to my parent’s house, I helped to unpack my things from our car and then helped to pack up all of my little sister’s things.  She need to move for her first year of college the next day.  By the time everything was somewhat settled again, it was very late so I went to bed without even beginning DR. WHAW? for the day.

It took me a few days to get back to a good work rhythm, and I found myself continually thinking up errands and tasks.  This in turn led to my constantly pushing DR. WHAW? and my blog to the back burner.

Before I knew it, Friday had rolled around, and there were four days in a row without even a post explaining my absence.  I even began to think if DR. WHAW? was worth it.  Should I keep writing at all?  Is this a sign?  Maybe I should only write an entry every couple days, isn’t every day a huge commitment?

Luckily, Friday turned out to be another great day.  Valerie Simon wrote a blog post inspired by me, and I was honored when a couple of great Tweeters recommended me as a great person to follow.

Yesterday I moved into my new apartment: the fourth place I’ve lived this summer and the seventh move since graduation in May.  It’s a sublet, and when my parents and I arrived, we found it much dirtier than expected.  My instinct was to sit down and cry and re-plan out the day in my head, but my mom took charge.  We took it one step, one room at a time.  And while it took us the whole day, I’m now settled into a great, clean apartment.

I surprised myself this week.  I like to have a plan, and sometimes I’m not the most flexible person when that plan completely falls apart.  But I’ve realized that even though I may want to take some time to be upset and work through it in my head, often the best idea is to just push forward.  I found that if I start working, a plan will fall into place as I go.

Throughout the week, I had begun to panic about my blog. Once I didn’t post on Monday, I worried all day Tuesday that I would need to write posts for both days in order to make up for it.  The same thought crossed my mind on Wednesday, and so on.  It felt overwhelming.

The support I received Friday taught me that social media world can be forgiving.  Even though I hadn’t produced a new DR. WHAW? entry for four days, many people still recommended it to their Twitter followers.  Even though this new world is in part about immediacy, we’re human and we understand.

I know you’ll be expecting DR. WHAW? to be back tomorrow, and I promise it will be.  For better or worse, I will leave last week as it stands but will push forward and continue to do my best.


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