DR. WHAW? – September 11, 2009

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I don’t care if it’s cliche or if it’s “been done.”  I’m dedicating this blog post to all of the men and women who lost their lives on this day eight years ago.  And I send my thoughts to their friend and family, as well as all of the great Americans fighting here and abroad to keep our country safe.  Never forget.

Today was a bittersweet day in my office.  A colleague and good friend will be moving on to a new career starting next week, and I will miss him terribly, though I know that is new job will be an amazing opportunity.  Needless to say, I spent the day working hard so I could go out for a drink after work to celebrate and say goodbye.  So there was a lot that I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!

DR. WHAW? – September 11, 2009

1. Creating Your Social Media Identity by Lisa Barone — If you know nothing else about social media, know this: you must have a plan before you take it on.  Social media is overwhelming, and it’s incredibly important to have a game plan beforehand.  Lisa Barone argues that a big step in creating your social media plan should be creating your online identity.  This is a great post because it walks you through some basic steps to creating a consistent and distinct online identity that should be the basis for any good social media plan.

2. HOW TO: Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Features from PingMicro — There isn’t much to this post, but in this case less is more.  Did you know all the cool ways to search Twitter?  I certainly didn’t!  This graphic gives a really general run-down of many advanced searches that can be performed by adding simple characters and symbols to your search terms.  This could be very useful when trying to do research or if you’re simply poking around!

3. The Battle for Social Media: SEO vs PR by Andrew Girdwood — This week a great battle was fought for social media: SEO (search engine optimizaton) vs PR (public relations).  Who is better?  Who is dominant?  Andrew Girdwood took on a PR practitioner, and the conversation itself can be viewed.  The conclusions may be surprising, but they really shouldn’t be.  In the end, the author argues that there really shouldn’t be an answer.  There is so much collaboration and blurring of lines online, that it’s not really about which camps are best at it.  Social media has a life of its own, and there should be (and are!) experts just for social media.

4. Social Media Marketing: What Comes After “The Stunt?” by David Teicher — If you’re active on social networks and other social media sites, you may have noticed lately that companies have really begun to use the space for campaigns and promotions.  There have been a lot of big giveaways and contests, but what do you do after it’s all said and done?  David Teicher wanted to know what a brand should do once it has gained lots of fans and followers with a big publicity stunt online.  While he may not have had all the answers, there has been some great discussion, and I think this is worth I read.  Add your two cents, I did!

5. Why You Should Be Worried About Twitter’s New Terms of Service by Jerry Bowles — Today Twitter announced new Terms of Service that would allow for advertisements on its Web site.  Jerry Bowles discussed why these new term may not be good for any of us.  It seems as though the site may be able to change the words in a Tweet, which could very well change the meaning.  There is also a clause which suggests that the site could use Tweets for commercial purpose without compensating the original author.  While this may not seem terrible in the short run, this could lead to some serious implications later on.

6. Can Twitter read you mind? by Mark Schaefer — Remember when Web sites like Facebook and Gmail first started to target users with advertisements based on the content of their user-specific pages?  I notice I get many more advertisements for basketball gear during the month of March.  Very strange.  Now there are services emerging that can tell a lot about you based upon your Tweets.  While none of these services have found away to use this technology for commercial purposes, it’ll be interesting to see where these go in the future.

7. How To Have Something Worth Saying by Katie Wall — I had to include this post today.  It rocked, and I had to give some love to a fellow Tar Heel!  And the conversation in the comments could be worthy of a pick all on its own.  This is Katie Wall‘s first post as a regular contributor for Lauren Fernandez‘s blog, and what a way to start!  Have you ever noticed that there are some people on social media who always seem to post blog entries that generate a lot of buzz?  How can I do that?  There is some great advice and insight here, and I think it’s definitely worth a read.

With those awesome picks, I hope  y’all have an awesome weekend!  And leave some feedback!  Tell me what your favorites were this week and which ones you thought just didn’t belong.  I’m all ears! : )


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