DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 13, 2009

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I’m back, y’all!  Are you happy to have DR. WHAW? back in your lives?  I know I really have enjoyed getting back to the grind and having an excuse to read as much as I can.  It was a great week for realizations, and I have truly learned to be happy exactly where I am while I’m here.  There was some great content out there this week, and as always it was tough to pick the best of the week.

DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 13, 2009

1. Who’s Watching Now? by Jason Baer — It’s surprising to me how much business still operates on the basic nine-to-five work day.  Personally I arrive at the office nearly four hours earlier because I have to send out a report each morning by 9 a.m.  Jason Baer points out that your customers and those interested in your online brand do not operate on the nine-to-five, so why should you?  Even though most of the American workforce took the day off yesterday, my Twitter feed was alive and well, and there was plenty of original content being generated.  So what happens if you’re out of the office when a crisis starts?

2. Becoming A Social Business Is Your Next Big Challenge by Jason Falls — What is a social business?  Are you ready to evolve?  Jason Falls explains what he believes will be the next challenge for big brands and small businesses alike.  The idea is not to take away the importance of sales, but to focus upon a compelling buying environment instead of a compelling sales pitch.  Do you understand the difference?  Neither did I, but reading this post really did help me better understand.  And you know what?  I think he’s onto something.

3. Twitter And The Revenue Dilemma by Michael Arrington — There is very little doubt at this point that Twitter isn’t going away.  In fact, it only continues to grow and evolve as a new medium, and there are an infinite number of uses for the Web site.  So what now?  Twitter has a big decision to make, much like Facebook and YouTube before it.  To revenue or not to revenue?  This is a great explanation of the dilemma that Twitter is now facing and why it’s important.  If you’re an avid user or think you may want to use it in the future, you should think about how this could effect you.

4. Facebook @Mentions: Five Ways They Could Impact Twitter by Ben Parr — Earlier this afternoon, Facebook announced that it would soon allow users to put @Mentions in their status updates.  There was an immediate reaction on Twitter as this has been a unique feature to Twitter and one way in which is had a competitive advantage. This article from Mashable gives a good run-down of how this move could effect Twitter and Facebook.  What do you think? Could this be the way to battle Twitter’s growing popularity?

5. People of Walmart Is a Hit Walmart Can’t, and Shouldn’t, Stop by B.L. Ochman — Have you seen the new blog called People of Walmart?  It’s a hilarious new blog which encourages users to submit pictures they take while at a Walmart store or parking lot. The author of this post explains why Walmart shouldn’t even try to stop this one, and so far it seems as though Walmart isn’t trying to do anything, preferring to remain mute on the subject.  It’s great publicity for Walmart and allows for great participation from consumers.  It’s just good fun!

6. Social Media Marketing: What Comes After “The Stunt?” by David Teicher — If you’re active on social networks and other social media sites, you may have noticed lately that companies have really begun to use the space for campaigns and promotions.  There have been a lot of big giveaways and contests, but what do you do after it’s all said and done?  David Teicher wanted to know what a brand should do once it has gained lots of fans and followers with a big publicity stunt online.  While he may not have had all the answers, there has been some great discussion, and I think this is worth I read.  Add your two cents, I did!

7. How To Have Something Worth Saying by Katie Wall — I had to include this post today.  It rocked, and I had to give some love to a fellow Tar Heel!  And the conversation in the comments could be worthy of a pick all on its own.  This is Katie Wall‘s first post as a regular contributor for Lauren Fernandez‘s blog, and what a way to start!  Have you ever noticed that there are some people on social media who always seem to post blog entries that generate a lot of buzz?  How can I do that?  There is some great advice and insight here, and I think it’s definitely worth a read.

Did I leave out your favorite post from this week?  Tell me so!  I’m always happy to hear comments and learn what content is of most interest to my marvelous readers. 🙂  Happy weekend, y’all!


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