DR. WHAW? – September 16, 2009

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Delayed, delayed, delayed! Better late than never, eh?  I drove to my parent’s house Wednesday night to house /pet sit for them while they take their first vacation as empty nesters.  The trip took much longer than anticipated because first I locked my keys in my trunk.  It was definitely an adventure!  Better late than never, though: what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work on Wednesday.

DR. WHAW? – September 16, 2009

1. Social media helps Chamber of Commerce connect by Brian Tomkins — This is so cool!  The government is getting involved with the social media space.  As I’ve already said once in this post: better late than never!  The Chamber of Commerce in Chicago is using tools like blogs, Facebook and YouTube to interact better with “the people” so to speak.  This post doesn’t explore what the Chamber is doing so much as it encourages other chambers to take on social media as well.  I would love to see how this has helped or affected the Chamber of Commerce, can anyone help me out?

2. Murdoch to charge people for accessing WSJ on mobiles by Darren Davidson — Rupert Murdoch is slowly but surely making good on his promise of putting up paywalls on all his Web sites.  His first move was to charge anyone using their mobile phone to view Wall Street Journal content.  If you are not a subscriber to the WSJ, you will be charged $2 per week for mobile access to the site, and subscribers will pay an additional $1 per week for access.  Mobile is one of the fastest growing platforms, so is this a smart move?  Would you pay to see the WSJ on your phone?

3. GraphEdge, Tracking Trends Among Your Twitter Followers from Boston.com — Holy cow!  This is such a cool new tool!  Among it’s features, GraphEdge will be able to tell you who among your followers are spammer and who are genuine people.  Also, this Twitter analytic tool will be able to tell you just how quickly (or not) you’re gaining followers.  I can’t wait to hear more about this tool and understand how it determines these measurements!

4. How Cleveland media make time for social media by Christina Klenotic — There are a handful of social media ambassadors working for media organizations in Cleveland, and I think this is very important for other organizations to take note of.  These ambassadors got together to talk about how they got their colleagues to use social media and stand behind it, and there is definitely a lesson in  here for any news organization (or any organization, really) wanting to become more involved with social media.

5. The 7 Biggest Legal Risks to Your Company When Using Social Media by Brian Heidelberger — We are all so obsessed with how great social media is and why all companies should jump on the bandwagon, but sometimes we may not be considering all of the risk associated with the new medium.  Of course you could crash and burn and lose business, but this posts explains that there are some very real legal considerations to think about before diving in.  Read up, you may be surprised what’s on this list.

6. One small step for P&G, One HUGE step for our profession by Katie Paine — Proctor & Gamble announced that they would not longer be paying advertisers based up previously-coveted “eyeballs.”  Advertisers will not pay based upon how much engagement there is on a given Web page.  Katie Paine predicts this is a huge win for the measurement industry because where P&G goes, the industry tends to follow.  This is a great post to read if you’re at all interested in measurement now and where it’s headed.

7. The Ebb and Flow of Communities by Jason Falls — This is a great post because it integrates a personal side of the author to illustrate how communities may fluctuate over time.  People in your community may be really enthusiastic one month and much more silent the next, but that’s OK.  Don’t panic just yet!  It’s likely that they will be back if you’re providing a great place to engage and offering them support they need.

Oh hey there, Thursday!  Didn’t see ya sneak up on me.  As always, please leave comments to tell me how I’m doing and what I’m missing (I know it’s a lot).


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