DR. WHAW? – September 17, 2009

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And another day has flown by!  I find that I am terribly unstructured when I work from my parent’s house, though I blame the boys for that.  My dog and two cats definitely keep me company, but also keep me distracted!  Even though I may not have been hard at work continuously, I still racked up a ton of articles that I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work.

DR. WHAW? – September 17, 2009

1. There’s More to a Millenial than Updating Your Profile by Lauren Fernandez and Kasey Skala — In case you missed it, there was a post on the PRSA blog ComPRehension that suggested Millenial staffers should be used to execute social media plansLauren Fernandez and Kasey Skala almost immediately posted a reponse.  I don’t want to give too much opinion on this as it is becoming a very important issue in the PR world, at least on Twitter.  I recommend you read up and participate in this discussion.  Also, check out the transcript from the #u30pro Twitter chat to find more insight.

2. PRSA Seeks Industry Agreement on Measurement Standards from PRSA Newsroom — And to show that I’m  not trying to hate on PRSA, I wanted to include this truly amazing piece of news!  PRSA is leading the way by setting metrics and approaches for public relations measurement, and not only that but they’re encouraging feedback.  They could not have done this any better!  They collaborated with experts in the field to come up with the standards and are seeking feedback from all members.  Only more validation for measurement and its importance.  You know I’m lovin’ this!

3. Social Media and the Reality of Control by Amber Naslund — There has been a lot of talk about how using social media means a loss of control for brands and companies.  Amber Naslund makes a convincing argument against this: you still have as much control as you did.  Instead, she suggests that what is gained is accountability and expectations.  Customers are not using Twitter or Facebook or YouTube with the intention to control a brand or company, but instead all they want is attention.  They’re telling you how to make them happy, will you stop worrying about control and listen?

4. When will Facebook realize that it won’t ever be “Twitter”? from thoughtpick — Facebook is slowly but surely trying to become more like Twitter.  They have even adopted the @reply by allowing users to “tag” others in their status updates.  What’s the deal Facebook?  This post explores whether or not these changes are good for Facebook.  This is definitely an interesting and worthwhile read because social media is always evolving.  Do you  understand how and why and what it means to you?

5. Why the White House is Hiring a Social Media Archivist by Christina Warren — After the Watergate scandal, the Presidential Records Act was passed to change the legal ownership of records.  As it becomes clear that social media isn’t going anywhere, the White House now plans to archive all of their online communications.  These types of messages are quickly becoming important and integral to how the government communicates, and thus it has become far more important to ensure these records are kept.

6. The GAP, ROI, and Awareness by Josh Peters — This is a great post about a great book that is officially on my to-read list!  Josh Peters explores ROI and awareness as well as general types of marketing campaigns.  I warn you, this is a bit of a long post, but I believe that it really is worth the time it takes to read through it.  You will leave with a better understanding of brand campaigns and measurement, I promise.

7. Clean Tweets – clear spammers from Twitter search results from Everything Twitter — So there is this new tool out there called Clean Tweets, and I think it does something pretty darn amazing.  This Firefox add-on allows you to strip out potential spammers when searching for trends or keywords on Twitter.  I would love to find out more about how this works and how spammers are classified, but if this works, boy oh boy!  How would your work change if you could automatically clear spammers from searches?

Another great and productive day.  There was a lot of great stuff to read out there, don’t let this limit you!  And please do share your favorites each day.


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