DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 20, 2009

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After a long work week and some serious relaxation, it is time to once again bring you the top reads I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work this week.

DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 20, 2009

1. Trust in News Media Falls to New Low in Pew Survey by Richard Perez-Pena — The Pew Research Center just released a new study about trust in news media, and the numbers are at an all-time low.  I don’t think I need to explain to you the gravity of this discovery.  Why do we trust media less and less?  Who do we trust?  This study is full of valuable insights that we all can and should learn from.

2. FCC advances on social media, lags on broadband access by Richard Hartman –The Federal Communication Commission is not only thinking about regulating social media, but now they are using it themselves.  The commission is still largely ignoring broadband, though, and this article explains why that is important.  This is definitely we should all be paying attention to!

3. Twitter Analytics – Advanced Twitter Metrics by Ben Foster — I bet you can tell just from the title of this post that this is a post right up my alley.  I love this post because it asks some really good questions, similar to those I asked in my own post about measuring Twitter influence.  Read this through and think seriously about it.  Twitter is becoming increasingly important to lots of companies and campaigns, so measuring it is just as important.  What would you add?  What do you think isn’t important?

4. One small step for P&G, One HUGE step for our profession by Katie Paine — Proctor & Gamble announced that they would not longer be paying advertisers based up previously-coveted “eyeballs.”  Advertisers will not pay based upon how much engagement there is on a given Web page.  Katie Paine predicts this is a huge win for the measurement industry because where P&G goes, the industry tends to follow.  This is a great post to read if you’re at all interested in measurement now and where it’s headed.

5. GraphEdge, Tracking Trends Among Your Twitter Followers from Boston.com — Holy cow!  This is such a cool new tool!  Among it’s features, GraphEdge will be able to tell you who among your followers are spammer and who are genuine people.  Also, this Twitter analytic tool will be able to tell you just how quickly (or not) you’re gaining followers.  I can’t wait to hear more about this tool and understand how it determines these measurements!

6. PRSA Seeks Industry Agreement on Measurement Standards from PRSA Newsroom — And to show that I’m  not trying to hate on PRSA, I wanted to include this truly amazing piece of news!  PRSA is leading the way by setting metrics and approaches for public relations measurement, and not only that but they’re encouraging feedback.  They could not have done this any better!  They collaborated with experts in the field to come up with the standards and are seeking feedback from all members.  Only more validation for measurement and its importance.  You know I’m lovin’ this!

7. Presidential Adjectives by Alan Kelly — I chose this today because The Playmaker’s Standard is something I have been interested in for a while now.  It’s a very interesting way of breaking down influence strategies into their most basic (or elemental) parts.  Each day a “play” is chosen as Play of the Day, and today it was a Label.  In this article about President Obama, reporter Charles Krauthammer describes the president as cool, distant and imperial.  Check out what a Label is and decide for yourself, is this a true Label?  Do you think these characteristics will always be associated with President Obama?

Although I think I’ve picked some good ones here, I strongly encourage you to check out my other picks from this week.  It was tough to choose the best seven because the week was full of some seriously great and insightful reads.


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