DR. WHAW? – September 21, 2009

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Just another manic Monday!  Seriously, was everyone else workin’ this weekend?  I finally took some time to really relax.  For the first time in months, I didn’t do any work for my internship or anything else.  I had a real weekend, and it was glorious.  But apparently everyone else was busy thinkin’ and writing some great content because there was a lot to choose from today.  So here it is: what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!

DR. WHAW? – September 21, 2009

1. The social media country club by Mark Schaefer — This post generated a lot of discussion early this morning, and I think it’s worth sharing with you for this reason alone.  Also, it’s the first of its kind and a topic that needed to be addressed.  Mark Schaefer describes what he calls the social media country club.  There are social media “elites” who seem to have influence and pull over, well, just about everyone.  If you’re new to the social media game, you want to get on their good side, right?  What does that mean?  Does it take away from the whole point of social media?  Weigh in here.  Believe it or not, the conversation is still raging.

2. 6 Social Media Marketing Case Study Lessons by Ellie Mirman — This post provides six very good tips for using social media marketing, and there are some great case studies to back these tips up.  Not only will you learn some best practices, but you can better understand how to but these practices to practical use.  Which tips mean the most to you and your business?

3. ComScore, Omniture join up to measure audiences by Barbara Ortutay — ComScore and Omniture are two giants in the Web measurement world have decided to join forces to analyze digital audiences.  The two companies hope to be able to provide more accurate, stable numbers for Web traffic as well as valuable insight into audiences.  By combining their services (or powers?), users will be able to gain more information about not only how many, but who exactly is visiting their Web site.  Also, companies will be able to see who visits more than once and who never comes back.  How else will you use their new services?

4. HOW TO: Make Facebook Your Company Newsroom by Josh Peters — As more and more companies realize how important the online community is to their business, some have begun to pay more attention to their online newsrooms.  While some use their own corporate Web sites to serve as a one-stop for bloggers and journalists, this post gives a pretty convincing argument as to why you may want to consider using Facebook to inform all those covering you and your company.

5. The world is changing. Is your brand adapting by Arik Hanson — Our world is rapidly changing.  Arik Hanson gives some good examples of how, and I’ll add one of my own: two of my friends recently got married and informed their closest friends of their engagement via our group e-mail listserv.  Consumers are changing the way they talk to each other, so why not adapt the way your company communicates with them?

6. GOP Clashes With FCC on Net Neutrality by Ira Teinowitz — The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it intends to move forward with a net neutrality rule which would ban service providers from limiting video downloads or offering only certain Internet content a faster path to the desktop.  Some Republican congressman argue that this will prevent investment and innovation of new technology.  What do you think?  How would this affect you personally?

7. Conversions are a “User-Defined Event” for Search Marketers from MarketingSherpa — What is a conversion event?  If you’re unfamiliar with search marketing (like I am), then you’re probably not sure.  This post helps to explain what a conversion event is and how it should be defined.  I like this post because it teaches lessons for any online marketing public relations campaign.  The more metrics you have in the place, the easier it will be to define whether or not you have reached your goals.

So, folks, what do you think?  Did I catch the biggest posts from today or is there a glaring omission?  Tell me!  I love your feedback.


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