DR. WHAW? – September 22, 2009

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I must say that I am in a rather rambunctious mood today!  We had a great day in the intern room and had some great laughs.  Then I was able to come home, relax for a bit and get in a good work out.  And now finally I can bring what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!

DR. WHAW? – September 22, 2009

1. Disconnect between news providers and consumers from Alltop — This is pretty shocking.  This post gives some statistics about news organizations and what they believe about their readers and paid content.  Then there is a link which shows young users discussing how they really intend to use news products.  Why aren’t newspapers listening yet?

2. The Problem With Facebook (For Marketers) by Todd Defren — Lately there has been all sorts of talk about how marketers and public relations professionals need to use social networks like Facebook to reach out to their customers and publics.  Todd Defren asks us to pause for a second and realize there are flaws with Facebook.  One of the problems, he argues, is that the rules of the site are often changing and there is nothing that a marketer could do to help that.  What do you think?  How important will Facebook be to your next campaign?

3. Scoring with Social Media: 6 Tips for Using Analytics by Alexandra Samuel — As with many things, Alexandra Samuel argues that with analytics less is more.  However, the solution isn’t to run and hide either, but there is a simple solution.  I highly recommend this post if you feel overwhelmed by all of the many analytics available for social media Web sites like Twitter.  Focus on an answerable question and use only those tools which address this question.  Read more, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Can You Predict Twitter Trends? Use Your Skills For Virtual Cash With Pretweeting by Robin Wauters — This is a really cool new way recently started to monetize Twitter.  Essentially the idea is that Twitter trends are like stocks in the stock market.  You buy words or phrases and as they are used more, your “stock price” increases.  Get the idea?  This is really cool and also an interesting way to predict Twitter trends.

5. NYT Explores Twitter Search Products by Mike Shields — The New York Times may not be so behind the times after all.  The newspaper has begun looking into using Twitter streams to aggregate commentary on certain topics of interest.  The NYT will build aggregators to track opinions about various niche categories and products.  There’s not much I can say besides, “way to go, NYT!”

6. Nielsen, Facebook forge alliance: Social networking as consumer attitude tracker by Larry Dignan — Nielsen and Facebook has decided to join forces to use the social networking site as a research tool to track the attitude of consumers.  This could provide incredibly valuable insights to both companies, and I’m eager to see how this will all play out.

7. Trendsmap — This isn’t a post but just a new and cool Web site. This site allows you to view which topics are most popular on Twitter by geographic location. The uses for this information is endless.  What more could I add?  How will you use this new-found power?

It was another measurement-heavy day today, eh?  I’m definitely lovin’ it!  How was everyone else’s Tuesday?  Tell me that in the comments if you refuse to tell me how I’m doing.


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