DR. WHAW? – September 24, 2009

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Thursday, sweet Thursday!  It means the weekend is almost here.  What’s on your agenda for Friday and the weekend?  I’m excited for some relaxation, and I’m hoping to write a few blog posts so I can keep you entertained again next week.  In the meantime, here’s what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today.

DR. WHAW? – September 24, 2009

1. The Dangers of Google Sidewiki: Complete Brand Invasion by David Teicher — Google launched a new tool called Sidewiki.  It’s part of the toolbar and allows users to leave a comment on any Web site which other users can then view.  There was a lot of talk about what this would mean for both marketers and consumers. As I was very involved in this discussion, I want to leave it to you to form your opinions.  I recommend you read this post from David Teicher, as well as those from Jeff Jarvis and Search Engine Journal.  Oh, and know that at least one blogger has already been punked.

2. The Web Analytics Headache from eMarketer — This post very clearly verbalizes the incredible confusion that Web analytics can cause.  There are a bunch of tools and different techniques, and it can often be overwhelming.  This post proves, though, that measurement is extremely important and there is a way to break through all the clutter.  Give this one a read, I promise you will learn something.

3. Microsoft launches Looking Glass – Social Media Monitoring tool by Ken Burbary — And Microsoft is back in the game!  Or at least, they’re in the game now.  Microsoft has announced their new tool Looking Glass which allows users to listen, participate and analyze social media.  I”m eager to see how this will be different (or similar) to other tools and how Microsoft will fare in this market.  What are you first thoughts?

4. PostRank Analytics: Missing Link Between Social Media Engagement and Web Analytics by Dave Fleet — PostRank is a new tool that Dave Fleet feels is much needed.  Why?  Because previously there was a gap between Web analytics (how many people view your Web site) and social media engagement (how many people are engaging? how often? how much?).  PostRank fills in this gap by combing the two metrics in one convenient tool.  I think this will definitely provide some new insights, what about you?

5. Measuring the roi of social media… or not by Robin Hamman — I really enjoyed this post because in it Robin Hamman describes a recent experience he had while lecturing at a IE Business School.  He was asked to give hard proof that the ROI of social media could be measured effectively, and he struggled.  This post explains his reasoning and why he thinks that it’s still a slippery subject.  What do you think?  Is social media ROI a lost cause?

6. The Wisdom of Crowds? by Brian Solis — I enjoyed this post because it reminded me of the agenda-setting theory.  Brian Solis explains that there is a great difference between the trending topics on Twitter and the most popular headlines of the day.  What does this mean?  The headlines do not represent all of the things that we are talking about and discussing online.   I think this is a very important knowledge for all of us to understand.

7. Brain Scans Reveal What You’ve Seen by Brandon Keim — I know this has nothing to do with measurement, but darn it! It’s just cool!  This study has shown that scientists can understand what you have seen based upon a scan of your brain.  Soon they may be able to quite literally read our minds!  This could have some pretty darn incredible implications, and I think it’s definitely worth keepin’ your eye on.

And with that, I bid thee goodnight! It was a long day for me, and I’m lookin’ forward to my weekend.   How about you?


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