DR. WHAW? – September 25, 2009

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I don’t know what it is about Friday!  I can never seem to bring you what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work on Friday night.  But I never fail to bring it, eh?

DR. WHAW? – September 25, 2009

1. Four Avenues to a More Focused Social Media Monitoring Strategy by Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary — In this brilliant post, Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary offer tips to narrow your monitoring for social media.  I am a big proponent of measurement when it comes to marketing and public relations campaigns, and one of the biggest obstacles to effective measurement can be data collection.  If you try to catch everything, what will it really tell you?  This post gives a great start to anyone looking to begin a daunting monitoring or measurement project.

2. Google Offers New Keyword Research Tool by Barry Schwartz — Google released another research tool in their AdWords console, which will eventually replace the current tool.  This new keyword search integrates a bunch of other tools that Google has been releasing, like their Insights tool, which allows you to better understand demographics as well as the sheer number of hits.  I recommend checking out this new search, it may effect how you do your searches in the future.

3. Social Media Metrics: Requires a Different Conversation by Tara Deville — I love this post because it very clearly explains something that I think many professionals are still struggling with: social media metrics.  You cannot simply treat this research like you would any other!  Social media is new and very different from other media, and therefore it really does require a completely different mindset and conversation.  Understanding that is a big step towards effective measurement, and this post will definitely move you in the right direction.

4. Case Study and ROI of a Twitter Engagement by Connie Bensen — This is a presentation that Connie Bensen gave this past week at Marketing Prof’s Digital virtual marketing conference about Techrigy’s use of Twitter for lead generation.  Even if you don’t want to look through the slides themselves, there is a great commentary beneath the presentation which gives a great overview.  You may be surprised how many other business goals can be realized using Twitter and other social media sites.  I strongly recommend taking the time to read this presentation.

5. Personal Branding from 9-5 by David Spinks — I noticed this post first thing on Friday morning and knew I had to comment on it right away.  David Spinks explores the use of Web sites like Twitter at work.  When is it appropriate?  Is it at all?  There is some great discussion in the comments as well, and I think this is something we all need to think about.  Gen-Y professionals especially need to consider this post because we have grown up using Web sites like Twitter and it may not seem to be inappropriate to check them during work.  But what would your boss think?  How would your client react?

6. Traditional news media still 1st source on big stories by Gene Policinski — This is incredibly interesting.  Earlier this month there was all sorts of chatter because very few Americans say that they believe newspapers are accurate and objective.  But this study shows that when it comes to big, ground-breaking stories, most Americans still turn to traditional media sources for their news.  There are some other very interesting results, and I think this is telling us that the evolution of traditional and social media is not quite finished.

7. That Strange Light you’re seeing is the future of magazines by Rex Hammock — This past Wednesday, a huge sand storm swept over parts of Sydney, Australia, turning the city a shade of amber.  While we’ve become used to citizen journalists being the ones to report first on events like these, this sand storm produced a new magazine, Strange Light.  What?  There was no huge outpouring from Twitter?  There wasn’t much discussion on Facebook?  What a strange concept.  This is an interesting read with a different takeaway.  Maybe it’s not quite time to give up on traditional media?  Or was this just a fluke?

There was some amazing coverage to round out the week, and I hope you were able to read through at least some of it!  Enjoy your weekend, folks and leave comments on how I’m doin’.


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DR. WHAW? – September 24, 2009 DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 27, 2009

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