DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 27, 2009

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And so another weekend comes to an end.  What do you have to look forward to this week?  I have more of the same in my future, and I’m just excited to continue to bring you what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work during the week.

DR. WHAW? Sunday Digest – Week-ending September 27, 2009

1. ComScore, Omniture join up to measure audiences by Barbara Ortutay — ComScore and Omniture are two giants in the Web measurement world have decided to join forces to analyze digital audiences.  The two companies hope to be able to provide more accurate, stable numbers for Web traffic as well as valuable insight into audiences.  By combining their services (or powers?), users will be able to gain more information about not only how many, but who exactly is visiting their Web site.  Also, companies will be able to see who visits more than once and who never comes back.  How else will you use their new services?

2. Scoring with Social Media: 6 Tips for Using Analytics by Alexandra Samuel — As with many things, Alexandra Samuel argues that with analytics less is more.  However, the solution isn’t to run and hide either, but there is a simple solution.  I highly recommend this post if you feel overwhelmed by all of the many analytics available for social media Web sites like Twitter.  Focus on an answerable question and use only those tools which address this question.  Read more, you’ll be glad you did.

3. Nielsen, Facebook forge alliance: Social networking as consumer attitude tracker by Larry Dignan — Nielsen and Facebook has decided to join forces to use the social networking site as a research tool to track the attitude of consumers.  This could provide incredibly valuable insights to both companies, and I’m eager to see how this will all play out.

4. 84% of Social Media Programs Don’t Measure ROI by Christina Warren — While it was found that 86 percent of professionals (from various fields) have adopted social media in their work.  The same study found that 84 percent of these professionals are not actually measuring the outcome of their social media use. Come on now, y’all.  And almost half of those professionals reported that they would have no idea how to measure their ROI if they wanted to. Ugh, I guess this only shows that we still have a long way to go. How do we make professional more aware about the benefits and necessities of measurement?

5. PostRank Analytics: Missing Link Between Social Media Engagement and Web Analytics by Dave Fleet — PostRank is a new tool that Dave Fleet feels is much needed.  Why?  Because previously there was a gap between Web analytics (how many people view your Web site) and social media engagement (how many people are engaging? how often? how much?).  PostRank fills in this gap by combing the two metrics in one convenient tool.  I think this will definitely provide some new insights, what about you?

6. Social Media Metrics: Requires a Different Conversation by Tara Deville — I love this post because it very clearly explains something that I think many professionals are still struggling with: social media metrics.  You cannot simply treat this research like you would any other!  Social media is new and very different from other media, and therefore it really does require a completely different mindset and conversation.  Understanding that is a big step towards effective measurement, and this post will definitely move you in the right direction.

7. Four Avenues to a More Focused Social Media Monitoring Strategy by Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary — In this brilliant post, Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary offer tips to narrow your monitoring for social media.  I am a big proponent of measurement when it comes to marketing and public relations campaigns, and one of the biggest obstacles to effective measurement can be data collection.  If you try to catch everything, what will it really tell you?  This post gives a great start to anyone looking to begin a daunting monitoring or measurement project.

Were there other favorites you had this week?  Ever wonder how I pick my favorites?  Ask me!  Tricked ya, huh?  I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have, so leave it in the comments!


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