“You’re right on track.”

September 27, 2009 at 12:03 PM 1 comment

The economy sucks. Majorly.

Growing up I had certain expectations for myself. I expected to graduate from high school, go on to college, graduate and get a job. Until the past year, all of these expectations were both reasonable and well, expected.

As economic outlook plummeted, so too did my expectation of having a full-time job upon graduation with an undergraduate degree. Last fall when I began my job search in earnest, I had to completely rethink post-graduation plans. And, to be honest, it felt like settling.

I’ve always done all the “right things.” I studied, I went to class, I had internships in the summers and got to know my professors. So why am I only an intern? I went to a good school (a great school!) , took all the right courses and have great experience. Why doesn’t anyone want to hire me for a full-time, permanent position?

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I’ve struggled not to take this personally. Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but after having expectations of employment for 21 years, it has been a hard transition to accept that I am still just an intern. A former professor and great mentor turned my mindset upside down with these four simple words:

“You’re right on track.”

We’re all right on track. This economy changes everything, and we all need to realize that our expectations have to change, too. Maybe all I needed was some reassurance. Maybe I needed a reality check. Maybe I needed to learn to be patient.

Since hearing those four words, I’ve tried to talk about my situation with as many people as will listen, and you know what I’ve discovered? My professor was right. In today’s world, I am right on track. As are you.  That track may have taken a sharp left since the economy hit rock bottom, but that track can still take us where we want to go.

I hope I’m preaching to the choir, but in case you couldn’t help but take this whole thing personally:

You’re right on track. And don’t ever forget it.


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  • 1. Sheema  |  September 29, 2009 at 8:50 AM

    Great advice! I’m a fellow ’09 graduate, and while I was lucky enough to find a job in the end, it sometimes felt like things weren’t going to work out. The economic crisis may have changed our plans, but I think in the end we’ll be better for it!

    Good luck with your job search.


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