DR. WHAW? – September 29, 2009

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I have to say that today was just about one of the hardest days for DR. WHAW?  I looked through my list of favorite blog posts for the day and then whittled it down to those that were actually relevant to measurement, and I was still left with 11 posts.  Ugh!  It was a tough choice, but here they are: the top seven posts I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work (but wanted to)!

DR. WHAW? – September 29, 2009

1. Brand Measurement: Analytics & Metrics for Branding Campaigns by Avinash Kaushik — There are lots of different metrics and measurement tools out there these days, and I liked that this post focused on branding campaigns.  This is a great for those seeking to understand the outcome and influence of a branding campaign.  It doesn’t necessarily focus upon specific tools, but it helps further understanding of how to quantify and calculate outcomes.

2. Google’s YouTube Find Money in Analytics by Laurie Sullivan — Content ID has become the way to bring analytics to YouTube.  This new system is essentially like Google Analytics, but for video content uploaded to the YouTube Web site.  This will be a big step forward for marketers, how will you use this?  How will this be a benefit to you?

3. What Is Your ‘R’ for ROI in Social Media? by Liana Evans — I’m on the fence on this post.  On the one hand, I’m all about every company trying to find a way to measure their campaigns or projects in a meaningful way.  On the other hand, I want to be a stickler in the sense that ROI is meant to be a term reserved for monetary returns.  I know, that may seem silly.  But why always use the term ROI?  Why not simply call a metric or a measurement what it is?  Either way, this post is great and has some valuable insights.  So read up!

4. Are You Cherishing the Wrong Trophy by Jay Baer — I really encourage you to read this post because it’s a great reminder as to why measuring the wrong things can be just as bad as not measuring at all.  Measuring  just for the sake of having measured is no way to measure at all.  OK, I’ll stop.  But you see my point, right?

5. Google Search Results Now Show Hot Trends by Ben Parr — Google has officially copied Twitter and introduced hot trends to it searches.  While this may seem like a big deal, it probably won’t make a huge difference.  The map of trends will be at the bottom of the page when most users never look past the first few results.  Also, it will only show up for users in the United States and Japan initially.  What do you think?  Will you use this?

6. Google and Facebook show their scale advantage by copying Twitter by Nic Brisbourne — Google (as noted above) has now introduced its own version of trending topics, and it has put Twitter to shame.  Why?  Because Google is such a colossus that it can copy cat Twitter and still come out the victor.  It doesn’t have to do it better, but it can sure as heck do it bigger.  This author argues that in the long run, Twitter will lose because it just doesn’t have the grand scale that Google does.  Facebook has been copying Twitter by trying to be a microblogging Web site of sorts, and again, Nic Brisbourne thinks that Facebook will be the ultimate victor because of its size advantage.  I’m not so sure about that, but he makes a good point about how technology really plays out in the open these days.

7. Marketing Trends Report 2009: Where does Social Media Stand? by Jeff Bullas — In case you still need some reassurance, here’s another study that tells us social media is not, I repeat, not a fad and here to stay!  Beyond this fact there are some interesting statistics about how social media fits and will fit into general marketing trends.  There are also insights about the barriers still remaining in regard to social media.

And so another day has come and gone.  I’m settling into a new routine, and I’m feeling happy.  How is your week shapin’ up?  How am I doing on my picks?  Tell me if I’m gettin’ it right or not, I really want to know.


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