DR. WHAW? – October 2, 2009

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Today was a busy Friday for me, how about you?  I am very much looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.  What is on your agenda?  I’m excited to be exploring some possibilities for my future and of course, to bring you what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today.

DR. WHAW? – October 2, 2009

1. ComScore: Most Clicks Come From ‘Natural Born Clickers’ by Gavin O’Malley — As we begin to further understand social media and our own behavior, our measurement methods must evolve.  A new study conducted by ComScore and Starcom USA shows that with clicks, a very small percentage of clickers account 85 percent of all clicks.  Click-through rates can no longer be a reliable measure of success for this reason, and especially when considering that the percentage of users clicking on banner ads has significantly decreased.

2. At Your Service: Twitter Data and Sentiment Analysis by Brian Solis — Brian Solis announces that he will be bringing some pretty in-depth analysis and insight to his blog.  His first report focused on airlines that have a presence on Twitter.  His report offers some great thoughts and facts about these companies, and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.  I highly recommend you check this out if you’re interested in analytics as applied to social media.

3. The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up by Jim Sterne — I’m not so sure how I feel about this article.  It’s a fictional story in which you discuss measurement with the CMO of your company.  What it comes down is that the author believes that the numbers don’t have to be accurate, just compelling.  I understand that there are things that we may not be able to measure exactly, but I don’t think it means we shouldn’t try.  Maybe that’s the naive professional in me, what do you think?  Should be we settle for compelling?

4. On Twitter, Information Beats Sentiment by Sarah Perez — A recent study by Pennsylvania State University has revealed that the majority of Tweets about a brand are not sentiment laden, but simply informational.  Most Tweets are not about complaining or supporting  a brand, but rather seeking or providing relevant information.  What does this mean to you?  How does this change your outlook and approach to Twitter?

5. PR agencies need to stay out of evaluation by Mohamed Elzubeir — In this article, the author argues that PR agencies should not handle their own evaluation.  He compares doing so to the accounting team performing its own audit.  I feel unqualified to discuss this because I work for a measurement company that is directly tied to Edelman, the largest independent PR agency and arguably one of the best.  But I would love to hear others’ perspectives on this subject.  How do you feel about PR agencies conducting media evaluation?

6. Twitter Labs Coming Soon? by Stan Schroeder — Have you heard of Google Labs?  It’s a place where Google likes to test out its latest ideas and tools, and Twitter is thinking of creating a similar idea.  This would be really cool because it would allow the most interested and passionate evaluate the latest and greatest from Twitter so that the rest of us only get the best of the best.  Would you be interested in testing out new application for Twitter?  Does this seem like a worthwhile venture?

7. M.I.T. Taking Student Blogs to Nth Degree by Tamar Lewin — There are plenty of colleges that have started to embrace student blogs by featuring them on their school Web sites.  But M.I.T. has taken it a step farther by allowing many student blogs to hold a prominent spot on the admissions homepage.  This offers a unique experience for all students and prospective students alike.  I think this is a direction in which most college and universities should be moving.  How is you alma mater or college embracing the online community?

And now, my weekend shall officially begin! Tell me how I’m doing, am I getting all the articles you think I should?  I love to hear your feedback. so keep it comin’.


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