DR. WHAW? – October 7, 2009

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And so ends another day of non-stop work and errands for this Tar Heel.  How was your day, folks?  I know you’ve been looking forward to what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today, so here it is!

DR. WHAW? – October 7, 2009

1. Social Media ROI: Separating myth  from methodology by Don Bartholomew — This is the second part of a two-part series on social media ROI.  You may remember I featured the first part in yesterday’s DR. WHAW? and I’m happy to feature the second part.  In this article, Don Bartholomew breaks down three myths about social media ROI and then shows you exactly how to understand the methodology.  This is another absolute must read.

2. 7 Considerations for Tracking Social Media Success by Thomas McMahon — There are seven tips and considerations that you should think about before you start monitoring social media.  This does oversimplify things a bit, but there are definitely some solid beginnings to any measurement plan.

3. Storytelling: Actionable Insights from Analytics by Julie Brue — I like this post because it discusses three key obstacles to Web analytics and how they can be overcome.  I sincerely recommend that you read this and think about which obstacles you may or may not be facing.  It’s important to not only know what your goals are, but what you are up against before you being to measure and analyze.

4. Hammer on Analytics from Chris Gemignani — I adore this video!  It’s short and sweet, but it gives me hope.  If MC Hammer understands that analytics and market research is essential, how long before we all get it?  Not to put him down, but if the music industry can use analytics to their advantage, why can’t PR?  Why not advertising?

5. 34% of e-retailers say social marketing has increased sales, study says from InternetRetailer — Online retailers believe that the use of social networks has increased their sales.  I like to see support for social marketing, but I wish there was some data to back it up.  How did you know I’d say that?  I’m so predictable, eh?  This is some interesting stuff to think about, but I wish there was something more to back it up.

6. Social Media Boosts Search Ad Clicks by Brian Morrissey — A recent study shows that users who interact with advertisements on Web sites like Facebook and Twitter are more likely to click on a brand’s ad than those who don’t.  What will this mean for advertisements moving forward?  I wonder if ads on social networks will increase in value or if budgets will be more devoted to such Web sites.

7. Market Engagement Optimization (MEO) and NetTrust Score by Chris Heuer — What the heck is MEO?  Marketing Engagement Optimization.  OK, right, but what does that mean?  This article discusses what the heck MEO is and why you may need a NetTrust Score.  It would rank companies based upon trust, which I encourage but don’t necessarily believe is possible.  What do you think?

I’m excited to be finding all of these measurement articles lately!  It’s seriously giving me hope that it’s truly going to be accepted by the PR industry in the near future.  Measure on, folks!


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