DR. WHAW? – October 15, 2009

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And so another day has come and gone!  I can’t promise I will be here tomorrow evening as I will be traveling to Chapel Hill for the weekend.  I’m excited to visit my alma mater for the kick-off of the 100th season of Tar Heel basketball among other things, and I cannot wait to tell you all about my trip.  I shall try to bring you what I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work again tomorrow, but I doubt there will be much work being done. 🙂

DR. WHAW? – October 15, 2009

1. Tweetmeme Adds Analytics To Make Sense Of Twitter Links by Erick Schonfeld — Tweetmeme has long been known for tracking Retweets so that you can know how many times your Tweets are repeated and where they end up.  With the addition of analytics, Tweetmeme now gives you the ability to even better understand how your Tweets are having an effect on Twitterville.  You can find out in what part of the world your Tweets are most popular, for example.  What could you do with this knowledge?

2. Correcting Your Web Analytics Mistakes by Chris Crum — We all make mistakes, right?  But are you learning from your mistakes?  Especially if you make the same mistakes on a regular basis.  This is a great interview that explores some of the most common mistake and how to address them.  I think this is a great start, but remember this is by no means an exhaustive list.  Think thought what else you may be getting wrong and how you could fix the process.

3. Google Quietly Drops PageRank From Webmaster Tools by Barry Schwartz — Earlier this week, Google updated it’s Webmasters Tools.  Mysteriously missing was the PageRank feature which has been a staple of the Webmaster Tools since their inception.  It seems that Google decided to remove this because the tool was something that drove people to think it was important, whereas Google believes that it is something that should not be the focus.  Interesting, eh?

4. More Than ROI – Measuring Social Media Success by Sarah Worsham — I have to share this article because it’s yet another example of someone who gets it.  She suggests that instead of focusing on ROI, with social media you should focus on a different measure of success.  The example given is the number of meaningful relationships that are formed (I’m unsure how you would concretely measure this, but right idea), and it’s important to think about how you will measure success well before you begin your social media work.

5. Two Examples of Companies Measuring Social Media ROI by Jacob Morgan — I like that this post shows two great examples of how companies are measuring their social media impact, though I don’t like that the term ROI is being used here.  I know, I know, it’s semantics, but I think it’s important.  I think there are some absolute great metrics in here, and this is definitely a great way to start if you looking to measure your own social media impact.

6. Analytics for Social Media – SMX East by Lauren Litwinka — I like this post because it’s always great to see summaries and wrap-ups from conferences I cannot attend.  I am stoked for a time when I’m not just an intern and can go to these conferences a few times a year.  This is a great summary of how to use analytics for social media.  What else did you learn from SMX East?

7. USGS Now Embraces Twitter as Source of Earthquake Information by Zoli Erdos — This is just too cool not to share!  Twitter has become the official source of earthquake information for the US Geological Society.  It’s an exploratory effort, but I think this could be a great resource for the USGS to get real-time information about earthquakes as they happen.

Happy Thursday, y’all!  What did you miss out on while you were working today?  Share it with me, and tell me about all the other great articles I missed.


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