DR. WHAW? – October 29, 2009

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And so I’ve let another week slip away from me!  How is it already Thursday?  How is your week going so far, y’all?  Check out some of the great things I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work today!


DR. WHAW? – October 29, 2009

1. The SM ROI Post from Obsessed with Conformity — I love this post because the author gets it exactly right (why can’t I find his name?) in that ROI is not much more than simple mathematics.  When social media is introduced, a lot of people seem to make the equation very complicated when actually it doesn’t need to be.  It may be a bit harder to quantify social media, but this is a great post that should remind you what ROI really is and how easy it can be.

2. Mapping Your Way Through Social Media by Danny Brown — I love this new idea from Danny Brown!  Listening to social media is suddenly a huge need for a lot of companies and something that a lot of us are thinking about a lot.  We have a new need to measure and track what is being said about us online, and the idea of a social map could help to make the process a lot more simple and organized.  What do you think?  Could you use this?

3. Key Factors To Include In Competitive Analysis by Ravi — I like this look at competitive analysis because it considers search engine optimization, which has become very popular lately. There are a lot of good metrics in here that can be of great use to you when you’re looking to compare yourself with others or with your own past results.

4. Social Media as Signaling Strategy by Andrew Goodman — There has been a lot of argument lately about what the “proper use” of social media is.  I like this post because it talks about how you can use social media as a way to monitor signal and noise.  He doesn’t necessarily believe you need to use social media, but does think you should watch it and measure it.  What do you think?  Is there some credibility to this argument?

5. That’s an Insight?! by Carol Phillips — I really enjoy this post because it makes us call into question our own methods.  It relates specifically to research on Millenials, and it asks whether that new fact you just discovered is really an insight, or just plain interesting?  Know what the difference is?  You should!

6. comScore Acquires Latin American Web Measurement Company Certifica by Leena Rao — comScore has acquired yet another metrics company.   This time it’s a company very similar to itself, but it is based in Latin America and will help comScore to expand its own presence in that area of the world.  What will this mean for you?  Do you have a need to monitor Latin American Web traffic?

7. Local Search Shifts to Online, Mobile Platforms from MarketingVOX — An annual study on our search habits has shown that local search is shifting to both online and mobile platforms and fast!  It was also found that most early research was done online, whereas later research was more likely to be done offline.  Interesting stuff in here, and I wonder how this may help you?  Does this help you better understand your consumers?


Thank goodness it’s almost Friday, eh?  I’m happy for the end of another week as it means only one more work week before I head off Sydney, Australia, for two full weeks.  I cannot wait!  Happy Thursday, y’all!

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