Is good enough really good enough?

January 13, 2010 at 9:25 AM Leave a comment

I’m currently reading The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, and it’s made me stop and think about a few things. Mr. Friedman argues that America has been able to be competitive to this point in large part because of the high level of trust we have in our society. As the rest of the world catches up in both education and economic power, Mr. Friedman suggests that it is this trust which will keep America ahead of the pack.

I readily admit that I don’t know a lot about economics, but I took issue with one of his points. It seemed to me that the general idea was that we just have to keep the so-called American “secret sauce” good enough to outpace our competition (like India and China). Good enough?

Maybe it’s just me, but lately I seem to see more and more proposals for change that are just good enough. Mr. Friedman wants us to increase the number of science and math students to be on par with India and China. But is good enough really ever good enough?

If I had applied to a couple jobs every day and considered that good enough, would I be where I am today? When has any country or company or individual gotten anywhere by just being good enough?

This made me wonder if this is how we all feel these days. Is this the new American motto? Do just what it takes to be good enough?

Please excuse my rant, but I was quite upset to think that this is how we are facing our biggest problems.


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