DR. WHAW? – February 5, 2010

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Happy weekend!  I hope your weeks went well and that our reading material helped out a little.

I realized that unlike the other DR WHAW? contributors, I didn’t really introduce myself.  My name is Clay Schossow and I run a web design and development company, New Media Campaigns, in North Carolina.  We work with all types of awesome organizations across the world and have built more than 400 websites in the past 3.5 years.  About half of our work is as the interactive partner for agencies.
OK, enough about me and now onto the good stuff!  Let’s roll into the weekend with a good stack of reading material I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work (but wanted to!):
DR. WHAW? – February 5, 2010
1. Getting Started Publishing on Google News – If you ask me, SEOmoz is the ultimate authority on all things SEO.  Their advice is always practical and helpful.  This article does a great job of explaining how to capitalize on an extremely valuable resource: Google News.  Read through this step by step guide and learn how to get premium coverage for your writing.
2.  Bartle Bogle Implements New Management Model – It’s no secret that the recession and explosion of digital have turned just about every industry on their heads, especially the ad industry.  I’m always interested in how firms are restructuring and handling new models of business (more digital, more pay days tied to results, etc.), and this new model by BBH is really interesting.  Tying top talent to top accounts.  Makes sense to me.
3.  Zappos: Social Media Marketing Example #26 – Just about everyone knows that Zappos did a great job of serving customers, first.  Even more people know that Zappos’ strategy led to a near-billion dollar acquisition by Amazon.  And the entire universe knows that these things were mainly driven through the web and social media.  However, do you know every little detail of the company’s online history?  I can admit that I’ve cited Zappos as a case dozens of times, but I really only knew the broad strokes.  This case by Ignite Social Media delves into every possible specific you can imagine.
4. Startup Advice In Exactly Three Words – Dharmesh Shah is an incredibly brilliant guy who has started several successful companies.  His blog OnStartups is required reading for entrepreneurs in the tech-o-sphere.  He recently offered 50 pieces of solid advice in “triplets” — three words.  This one is easy to read and really makes you think about if you’re doing these things in your business.
5. 10 Ways to Build Social Media Expertise Using Personal Projects — Great, quick piece from Harvard Business Review about how practice makes perfect and how you can practice on yourself before paying clients.  I *really* like the last one about working late at night or early in the mornings so you aren’t affecting large audiences with your changes.
6. Chanel Learns to Think Like a Media Company – Cool piece from Business of Fashion (rockin’ site!) on how Chanel is playing more and more like a media company in the digital space.  From creating web videos to breaking news online, the company has really embraced the digital space.  Article shows that the strategy of inbound marketing and creating content works for even the most entrenched brands and helps them reach new audiences.
7. How to Manage Virtually – This one is pretty self-serving, but I was so pumped that I couldn’t hold it back.  Inc. featured me and my company the other day in a post about how to manage employees who work virtually.  The author articulated my points in a much more coherent manner than I ever could, so I thought I would share.
OK, it’s sushi and sake time for me, but I hope these pieces start your weekend off right!

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