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DR. WHAW? – Week-ending February 7, 2010

Hello y’all! I am so thrilled with the first week of DR. WHAW? contributors! I hope that y’all appreciate having this daily feature as an actual daily feature (I know, I was falling down on the job before), and I’m so excited to keep bringing you what we Didn’t Read While Hard At Work (but wanted to!). Without further ado, here’s this week’s digest.

DR. WHAW? – Week-ending February 7, 2010

1. Notes From a Conversation With Y Combinator’s Paul Graham by Om Malik — Paul Graham is an accomplished entrepreneur, essayist, and venture capitalist (through his Y Combinator program).  I always enjoy reading things he writes and watching interviews with him.  I thought these notes were kind of the Paul Graham CliffsNotes, as it gives a nice, quick 30,000 view of his overall philosophies on entrepreneurship.  If you enjoy this, I definitely recommend you delve into some of his writing on his site.

2. Is Real-Time Search Good for Businesses? by Michael Brito – This article discusses the impact real-time search results will have on your business – timeliness. You/your clients have to be ready to respond! Also see the post from ZDNet’s Jennifer Leggio: Google real-time search + Twitter = a wake-up call for brands.

3. The Taboo (But Critical) Community Skill by Amber Naslund – While social media is about community and building relationships, we need to keep in mind that it’s also about sales. I’ve been asked before about providing ROI for the activities we suggest to our clients. They want to know that they’ll be getting something ($$) out of the time they’re investing. Be sure to read the comments as well for additional nuggets of info!

4. How Is PR Changing? by Jeremy Porter – Everything changes, we know that. Porter makes a good point: PR itself isn’t really changing; however, our audience now has a voice. We also need to think about technology and its impact, new skills we need to possess to stay marketable in the workforce and different ways to effectively measure results.

5. Facebook Develops Conversation Tracking Tool: What’s A Fan Worth? by Laurie Sullivan — Facebook has developed a tool that will allow users and companies to track conversations on the social network. I was excited to hear about this because other tracking tools do not always track Facebook posts quite well. I wonder if it’s useful or how it compares, has anyone had a chance to try it?

6. Google Analytics Releases Mobile Search Tracking by Paul Teitelman — I am so pumped to see this! I was just wondering a few weeks ago how to measure the new mobile craze. Can someone please try this out? Tell me how it is? While this doesn’t measure all aspects of mobile that I would like to explore, it is definitely a start.

7. Do the Old Timing Rules Still Apply for Media Relations? by Dave Fleet — I read MarketingProf’s Daily Fix quite often. I love its practical, straight-forward advice for how to do communications well. In this post Dave Fleet asserts that the old rules for when you should pitch to journalists are outdated.

What a great first week, y’all! I can’t wait to bring you more, and I can’t wait for you to better get to know the three new DR. WHAW rockstars!


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DR. WHAW? – February 4, 2010

Hello, there. I’m grateful to Rebecca for letting me participate in this great DR. WHAW tradition. And I must say that I feel an awful lot of pressure coming off of three great DR. WHAW posts by Clay, Melissa and Rebecca so far this week.

I do a variety of things, from consulting on social media and marketing for businesses and nonprofits to managing the Save the Cups community, so likewise you’ll probably see me point you to a variety of things in this space. But in general the things I read tend to focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, public relations, tech and social media.

Oh, and I’m also a new dad, so maybe I’ll spice things up every once in a while with parenting advice.

So without further ado, here are the things I Didn’t Read While Hard At Work (but wanted to!):

  1. Paying the Price for Truth (Jamie Notter) Fascinating read about the power of truth, and where it should come from. Should it come from the top down? Or should employees at the bottom demand it? Whose responsibility is it?
  2. Do the Old Timing Rules Still Apply for Media Relations? (Dave Fleet) I read MarketingProf’s Daily Fix quite often. I love its practical, straight-forward advice for how to do communications well. In this post Dave Fleet asserts that the old rules for when you should pitch to journalists are outdated.
  3. Mastering the Art of Client Relations (Freelance Folder) I love client relations being portrayed as an art form. Because those who treat it as such are better at it. In this article those who approach client relations as a chore are contrasted with those who really go the extra mile for their clients.
  4. Facebook Could Eat the Web (Steve Rubel) Leave it to Steve Rubel to portray Facebook as a monster that should have starred in Where the Wild Things Are. There’s no denying the reach of Facebook these days, and here Steve makes it clear just how pervasive that reach is becoming.
  5. The PR Schism: Divided We Fail (Katie Paine) Katie names all the arguments we’ve heard over the past few years (trust me, you’ve heard them), and then asserts that it’s time to move past division for the sake of the industry. (Hear, hear!)
  6. How to Write a Blog That Matters (Justin Kownacki) Justin, whose snark and insight I am constantly a fan of, goes through great lengths to tell you why your blog probably sucks, and what you should do about it.
  7. Sometimes It’s Better to Brainstorm Alone (Andrew O’Connell) Since Rebecca recently raised the question of brainstorming versus crowdsourcing, it seems timely that this post from the Harvard Business Review blog should assert that sometimes its better to go it alone completely. What do you think?

There’s great stuff here. As I would say over on my blog, time to go forth and learn!

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Three rockstars and now DR. WHAW? Contributors

I have incredibly exciting news! DR. WHAW is officially back and here to stay! With my crazy and unpredictable schedule, it’s sometimes too hard to keep up with this daily blog feature, but I know it is something that many of you have come to love. So I found the perfect way to keep the good doctor around without pulling out all my hair and feeling guilty when I miss a post.

I found three absolute rockstars to help me keep DR WHAW a daily feature! I have added a page to my blog to highlight these three, but I wanted to share a bit about them with you here, too. I am so grateful to these three for throwing their hat in the ring when this is still such a young blog. And I cannot wait to start working with all of them!

Caleb — Caleb Gardner is someone I met at a Social Media Club event in Chicago in December, and I could tell from the beginning that he was a unique and insightful guy. I was so happy when he volunteered to contribute, and I honestly cannot wait to see what he’ll come up with.

Clay Clay Schossow is a fellow Tar Heel, and someone I wish I could have met while still at UNC. Clay brings an incredible entrepreneurial spirit to the team, and I am really excited to get more of his perspective. I only hope that one day we can meet in person!

Melissa — When Melissa Cafiero and I first chatted on Twitter, I was struck by her intelligence and to this day her opinion is one I value quite highly. Even though we have never met in person, I am so thrilled to have Melissa join the team and put in her two cents.

Please read more about these three on the new DR. WHAW? Contributors page, and look out for great content every single day!

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